Application information

Thanks to the sponsorship of laboratories and institutions in each region (Asia, Europe, the Americas; full list see here), a certain number of grants will be offered to students in the field of accelerator science to attend IPAC'17. The grants include a waiver of registration fees and a per diem allowance to be used toward lodging and food while attending the conference.

It is understood that grant recipients will present their work in the special student poster session on the Sunday afternoon preceding the conference, submit a contribution to the proceedings, and volunteer to act as scientific secretaries (assisting the Session Chairs/running microphones) during one or two sessions.

Applications accompanied by reference letters must be made by using the on-line application form available via JACoW profiles and accounts at the IPAC’17 SPMS.

You will need a JACoW username and password to register. If you have attended, exhibited at, or submitted an abstract to a member conference of JACoW (the Joint Accelerator Conferences Website collaboration), you should already have a profile. If you are new to these conferences or have forgotten your username, signing up is easy; just click the link above and follow the instructions under "Search for a Profile, Create a Profile/Account".



Questions about grants and applications may be addressed to the Coordinator, juliana [dot] pranke [at] esss [dot] se (Juliana Pranke).

Letters of support/references, signed by the Supervisor, Head of the Institute, Laboratory or University Department where the young scientist is working/studying, are required for each application, and must reach the IPAC'17 Local Student Grant Programme Manager, ipac17_students [at] esss [dot] se (Caroline Prabert) by e-mail on the above deadline.

In addition, please consult the Accelerator Prizes page for details of the prizes offered to Ph.D. and diploma students and prizes for student poster presentations.