Contributed Orals

01 Circular and Linear Colliders

CBETA - Cornell University Brookhaven National Laboratory Electron Energy Recovery Test Accelerator
Dejan Trbojevic (BNL)

Studies of a Scheme for Low Emittance Muon Beam Production From Positrons on Target
Manuela Boscolo (INFN/LNF)

Hollow Electron Beam Collimation for HL-LHC - Effects on the Beam Core
Miriam Fitterer (Fermilab)

Progress in the Design of Beam Optics for FCC-ee
Katsunobu Oide (KEK)

A Comparison of Interaction Physics for Proton Collimation Systems in Current Simulation Tools
James Molson (LAL)

JLEIC Ultimate Luminosity With Strong Electron Cooling
Yuhong Zhang (JLab)


02 Photon Sources and Electron Accelerators

Hard X-ray FEL Lasing Through BBA and Radiation Spectrum Analysis
Heung-Sik Kang (PAL)

Experience of Taiwan Photon Source Commissioning and Operation
Yi-Chih Liu (NSRRC)

Status of Development of Superconducting Undulators at the Advanced Photon Source
Yuri Ivanyushenkov (ANL)

Progress of PrFeB Based Hybrid Cryogenic Undulators at SOLEIL
Amin Ghaith (SOLEIL)

Performance of SOLARIS Storage Ring
Adriana Wawrzyniak (SOLARIS)

A Soft X-Ray Free-Electron Laser Beamline of SACLA
Kazuaki Togawa (RIKEN SPring-8)


03 Novel Particle Sources and Acceleration Techniques

Starting Up the AWAKE Experiment at CERN
Edda Gschwendtner (CERN)

HORIZON 2020 EuPRAXIA Design Study
Paul Andreas Walker (DESY)

Advancement of an Accelerator-Driven High-Brightness Source for Fast Neutron Imaging
Brian Rusnak (LLNL)

Recirculated Electron Beam in Photo-Converter for Rare Isotope Production
Aurelia Laxdal (TRIUMF)

Beam Commissioning of the High Intensity Proton Source Developed at INFN-LNS for the European Spallation Source
Lorenzo Neri (INFN/LNS)

Experimental Demonstration of Energy-Chirp Reduction by a Plasma Dechirper
Yipeng Wu (TUB)


04 Hadron Accelerators

Status of Radioactive Ion Beam Post-Acceleration at CERN-ISOLDE
Yacine Kadi (CERN)

Space Charge Compensation Experiments and Commissioning of the MYRRHA Low Energy Beam Transport Line
Frédéric Bouly (LPSC)

Realizing a High-Intensity Low-Emittance Beam in the J-PARC 3-GeV RCS
Hideaki Hotchi (J-PARC)

Strain and Temperature Measurements From the SNS Mercury Target Vessel During High Intensity Beam Pulses
Willem Blokland (ORNL)

Commissioning Experience for the CSNS Linac
Jun Peng (IHEP)

Beam Conditioning of the Spiral2 CW RFQ
Robin Ferdinand (GANIL)


05 Beam Dynamics and Electromagnetic Fields

Hénon-Heiles Single Particle Dynamics at IOTA
Sergey Antipov (University of Chicago)

RF Quadrupole Structures for Transverse Landau Damping in Circular Accelerators
Michael Schenk (CERN)

A Compact 335 MeV Positron Damping Ring Design for FACET-II
Glen White (SLAC)

Studies of the Micro-Bunching Instability in Multi-Bunch Operation at the ANKA Storage Ring
Miriam Brosi (KIT)

Beam-Beam Beta-Beating Correction for HL-LHC and Its Impact on Dynamic Aperture
Luis Medina Medrano (CERN)

Coherent Synchrotron Radiation and Wake Fields With Discontinuous Galerkin Time Domain Methods
David Bizzozero (TEMF, TU Darmstadt)


06 Beam Instrumentation, Controls, Feedback and Operational Aspects

First LHC Transverse Beam Profile Measurement With the Beam Gas Vertex Detector
Andreas Alexopoulos (CERN)

Laser System Design and Operation for SNS H- Beam Laser Stripping
Yun Liu (ORNL)

Research on Compensation of Superconducting Cavity Failures in C-ADS Injector-I
Jianping Dai (IHEP)

Installation and First Commissioning of the LLRF System for the European XFEL
Julien Branlard (DESY)

Development of Wide Dynamic Range Beam Loss Monitor System for J-PARC Main Ring
Kenichirou Satou (J-PARC, KEK & JAEA)

Time-Resolved Energy Spread Studies at the ANKA Storage Ring
Benjamin Kehrer (KIT)

Intensity Interferometer to Measure SPEAR3 Bunch Length
Jeff Corbett (SLAC)

First Observation of the LHC Beam Halo Using a Synchrotron Radiation Coronagraph
Toshiyuki Mitsuhashi (KEK)

Development of a DLLRF Using Commercial uTCA Platform
Angela Salom (ALBA CELLS)

07 Accelerator Technology

Amorphous Carbon Thin Film Coating of the SPS Beamline: Evaluation of the First Coating Implementation
Matthias Van Gompel (CERN)

High Power Test Results of the Eli-NP S-Band Gun Fabricated With the New Clamping Technology Without Brazing
David Alesini (INFN/LNF)

HTS Magnets for Accelerator Applications
Kichiji Hatanaka (RCNP)

High Efficiency Klystrons Using the COM Bunching Technique
David Constable (Lancaster University Engineering)

Plasma Processing R&D for LCLS-II Cavities
Martina Martinello (Fermilab)

First Results From New Single-Cell Nb3Sn Cavities Coated at Cornell University
Daniel Hall (CLASSE)

The RaDIATE Collaboration - Exploring High Power Target Materials Response to Radiation Damage - Goals, Status, and Future Plans
Patrick Hurh (Fermilab)

Superconducting Magnets at FAIR
Egbert Fischer (GSI)

ESS SRF Linear Accelerator Components Preliminary Results and Integration
Christine Darve (ESS)


08 Applications of Accelerators, Technology Transfer and Industrial Relations

Ultrafast Relativistic-Energy Electron Microscopy
Jinfeng Yang (ISIR)

Study of Medical Applications of Compact Laser-Compton Light Source
Yoonwoo Hwang (UCI)

MicroTCA Technology Lab at DESY: Start-Up Phase Summary
Thomas Walter (DESY)