Food and Drink at Bella Center (IMPORTANT INFORMATION)

There are no restaurants and shops in the immediate area of the Conference Center.

However, the conference center provides opportunities to purchase food at the venue. But while we will offer different sale points throughout the conference area where you can purchase freshly prepared food, naturally, there might be queues when over 1,000 conference participants try to buy lunch at the same time. In order to save time, we strongly recommend that you pre-order lunch box vouchers for each day. You may do so during the online registration process. The price for a lunch box is 120.63 DKK. Please note that this option is now no longer available due to the pre-order deadlines. You may however purchase food onsite as described above.

A lunch box will contain:

Sandwich OR Salad OR Pizza Bun
Fresh fruit
0,5 L Water

If you've bought lunch box vouchers during the online registration process (please note that they can only be purchased until 10 working days prior to the conference), you will be able to chose onsite on the conference days between several options, including vegetarian ones. The selection of any given day could look like this (and will change slightly over the course of the week):


Spelt Sandwich with chicken, carry crème, carrot and cucumber OR


Malt Sandwich with salmon, cheese crème, peppers, tomato OR

Malt Sandwich with mozzarella, green pesto, cucumber, tomato OR

Pizza bun tomato and cheese OR

Wheat grains salad with hot smoke salmon, sesame oil, pickled cabbage, beans, pee shoots




Alternatively, there is Field's, Scandinavia's largest shopping and entertainment centre, which is located one metro stop from Bella Center. There are a number of restaurants (mostly fast food) available. Website link (Danish only):