Scam Warning

Please note that there are an increasing number of fraudulent websites that impersonate official conference websites like this one. We would like to alert all delegates and exhibitors to be aware of possible scams and to strongly advise you to only use the official IPAC'17 website as well as the official IPAC'17 accommodation agency DIS Congress Service. Any other companies are in no way connected with IPAC'17 and we therefore cannot vouch for the services they are offering. We strongly advise you to not share any credit card details with them. Unfortunately, these fraudulent websites cannot be prevented and we sincerely regret all your inconveniences.

Such imitation sites invite conference participants to supply their personal details and promise, in return, to provide offers for travel and accommodation. The URLs of these sites often resemble those of the official conference website domains. For this reason, these pseudo sites often rank high in the search engine listings.

These websites are recognizable in particular through the following two features:

  • Firstly, the identity of the organiser or host is not clear. In some cases, the legal notice will actually state that the website in question is NOT the official conference website and that it does not have any official relationship with the event in question. This is apparently a legal safeguard.
  • Secondly, the fake sites usually do not offer the means for participants to book directly via the website. Instead, the participants are simply requested to provide their personal details in return for an offer for a hotel reservation or conference registration. 

In other words, potential participants part with their personal details but have no guarantee that they will receive the services they have requested via this route.

In addition to the imitation websites, a further attempt to defraud is being increasingly observed:

  • Faculty or Committee members whose names appear in the programme published online are being contacted directly either by phone or email. The caller presents him/herself as an official member of the conference team or host organisation. Offers of hotel rooms are made, deposit and credit card details requested for accommodation bookings.

International conferences which publish their information in English appear to be currently the most affected by these copycats.

Registration to IPAC'17 can only be done through the authorised agency DIS Congress Service. We do not consider any other provider to be reputable or reliable.

Please on no account supply your details over the telephone. DIS Congress Service will always provide you with the official registration and booking forms, either in written format or online. Your personal data will be treated securely and the purchased and paid services are ensured.

We are advising all delegates and participants, speakers and industry partners of the current situation and would like to draw your attention to the risks involved. With this information we hope to raise your awareness. When in doubt, please contact us through the contact form.