Sponsor Items and Booth Prices

Booth Space and Booth Registration

Please note: Booth Registration will close on 17 April 2017.

After overwhelming demand, we have been able to secure additional space in the exhibition hall and booth registration is now open once again! Please note, that this extension of exhibition space is of a limited quantity and as always, first-come, first-served. Exhibitor Registration/booth space selection will happen through the so-called SPMS (Scientific Programme Management System) instance of IPAC'17.

You will need a JACoW username and password to register. If you have attended, exhibited at, or submitted an abstract to a member conference of JACoW (the Joint Accelerator Conferences Website collaboration), you should already have a profile. If you are new to these conferences or have forgotten your username, signing up is easy; just click the link above and follow the instructions under "Search for a Profile, Create a Profile/Account”.


The design of the exhibition space will consist of a new, unique island layout with the goal of better visibility for the exhibitor. The basic stand package contains:

  • White booth walls against neighbor booth
  • Fascia board towards aisle with one company name
  • Needle felt carpet
  • 1 spot per 3 sqm
  • 1 square table
  • 2 chairs
  • 1 waste paper basket
  • 1 power strip with three outlets – 2.3 kW / 230 V
  • Daily cleaning on event days (vacuum cleaning of floor)


Exhibitors will receive a password in February 2017 to a web shop where they can order additional technical supplies and catering for their stand.

Prices are €5,000 for a single unit booth and €8,000 for a double unit booth, and €15,000 for an island space equal to a 4-unit booth. The Island price does not include construction or build-up. Should you desire this, or a larger space, please contact Rob Yarbray +1-571-332-0337 (GMT -5:00) or via email to ipac17_industry [at] esss [dot] se.

Note: Only two adjacent single booths whose combined size is 6m x 2m can be considered to be a double booth. Any other choice of two single booths (non-adjacent booths or back-to-back booths) will be treated as two choices of single booth, and charged accordingly.


Booth placement or locations on the hall floor are booked through SPMS on a first-come, first-served basis - so it pays to register early! The conference organisers reserve the right to best accommodate booth placement should the need or event arise.

Registration of a single or double booth or island space includes your choice of:

A. TWO (2) full Delegate Passes OR

B. ONE (1) full Delegate Pass and up to TWO (2) Exhibit Only Passes

Any additional conference participants will be charged at the regular Delegate rate.


For further information on booking sponsorship opportunities, please contact Rob Yarbray directly at +1-571-332-0337 or via email to ipac17_industry [at] esss [dot] se.

All prices are net.


Tuesday Day Pass

NEW! Exhibitor-only passes for 16 May 2017: Tuesday is Industry Session Day at IPAC'17. Therefore, if you do no have a booth but want to experience the Industry Session and stroll around the Exhibition Area, you may purchase a "Tuesday Exhibitor-only Day Pass" at 750 DKK (excl. VAT). Includes admission to the venue and the Industry Session, coffee break and a badge. Please fill in the booking form and submit by fax or as a scan via e-mail to the contact provided on the form.


Sponsorship Programme

This year, in order to help you better decide how would like to sponsor, we have divided up sponsorship opportunities into three audiences or categories:

Delegate Experience *** Thought Leadership *** Student Outreach

To order any of the sponsor items from below directly, please fill in the sponsor item booking form and submit by fax or as a scan via e-mail to the contacts provided on the form.


Delegate Experience

Exclusive conference bag (up to 3 company sponsors available - comes with your logo & IPAC’17 logo) total cost €36,000 ***SOLD***
Wi-Fi Sponsorship (1 available): €5,000
Coffee break sponsor, including acknowledgment signage (9 available) €8,500

NEW! Enhanced Placement in the App directory!

If you have registered for a booth, or are thinking of registering for a booth, then don't pass up this opportunity to greatly increase your company’s presence in the app directory with your own customized message. This includes your company description, space for a video and contact details.

NEW! Lunch & Learn

How would you like to host your own private luncheon where you present to a captured delegate audience – of your choosing – for up to an hour? We do all the work, you simply do the inviting! This includes a complete lunch for up to 60 persons, drinks and room rental including “Thank You” room sponsorship signage for the entire day.

Limited to one per day Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.


Thought Leadership

Conference Booklet Advertising**

  • Inside front
  • Inside back
  • Interior page, unlimited opportunities
  • Back cover


  • €3,000
  • €3,000
  • €1,250
  • €4,000***SOLD***
Promo pen in the conference bag (company provides*) €1,750
Promo highlighter in the conference bag (company provides*) €1,750
Promo notepad (company provides*) €1,750 ***SOLD***
Promo flash drive in conference bag (company provides*) €1,750
Brochure or flyers, unlimited opportunities (company provides*) €1,750
Conference lanyard sponsor €4,000 ***SOLD***

*with approval of organisers

**bookable only until 31 March 2017, artwork must be provided by 7 April 2017 at the latest


Student Outreach

App Sponsorship (up to 3 sponsors) total cost €10,000
Post Doc Job Fair* €1,500
Industrial Council (IC) Membership** €200

*For the first time, IPAC’17 will introduce a job fair for post docs. For a nominal fee, as a sponsor you will be allowed to give a short 1-2 minute speech about your company and your current and future HR/recruiting needs. Once all companies have spoken, the remainder of the time will be spent ”speed dating”.

** 4 – 5 members of the IC will be invited to help judge the Student Poster Session Sunday evening. Using the funds from your sponsorship, this award will be awarded on Thursday afternoon.



If your company prefers a different approach to the Sponsorship Programme, we are offering “first come, first served” à la carte Sponsorship Opportunities. Some examples of these are:

Welcome Reception Sunday evening

NEW: To allow more than one company to sponsor the Welcome Reception, we have decided to offer a choice of sponsoring one (or more) items. Available are: beer, wine, mini reception snack, pizza, mini sandwiches, mini burgers or small pasta dish.

All of them would include acknowledgment signage.

Conference Reception Tuesday evening €70,000
Banquet Sponsor on Thursday evening €100,000
Bus Tour to ESS and MAXIV €12,000
Banquet entertainment sponsor TBD
Lunch Soirre (sponsored lunch for any up to 200 persons where you may present your company and ideas in a closed environment for one hour) TBD

Furthermore, you as a sponsor or exhibitor can get involved in the planning by joining the Industrial Council for a small fee. Please contact Industry Exhibition Manager Rob Yarbray at +1-571-332-0337 (GMT -5:00) or via email at ipac17_industry [at] esss [dot] se for more information